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  • The Beagle Freedom Project is a mission to rescue beagles used in animal experimentation in research laboratories and give them a chance at life in a loving forever home.

    Read rescue stories, watch videos, learn more about beagles used in animal testing, and how you can help.
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    The ROC will be our temporary sanctuary for animals coming out of labs.

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Speech_(3).JPGOn October 1st the Beagle Freedom Law officially became enacted in the state. After a hard fought campaign last spring this important bill passed the House of Representatives and...

Beagle Freedom Project Sergeant Martin Palmer chose his beagle, which was being experimented upon by researchers at Texas A&M, because they had the same birthday.

The only other thing Palmer knows, from the...


Beagle Freedom Project11 states. 5 laboratories. 38 beagles. 1 month.

Announcing BFP’s historic multi-lab, multi-state, and largest U.S. beagle rescue to date! 38 beagles freed in the largest...


Beagle Freedom ProjectCOLUMBUS (Csaba Sukosd) --  Federal authorities are looking into claims that the Ohio State University dealt with vendors who sold lost or stolen pets to OSU for deadly lab experiments...


Beagle Freedom ProjectUsing an unusual crowdsourcing technique to generate hundreds of public records requests, an animal advocacy group claims it has uncovered evidence that an Ohio State University (OSU) lab has violated...


HD05T6NKj_oJrKdNR6J3NglJdrFijLPpTRB1ucLoMvA_cgu9AvRwgGpEnfF36eJlR31Qj3twhuA6fN5K1lVnbAc.jpegOn Saturday July 25th the DC7 Adopters threw one ‘howl’ of a fundraiser for Beagle Freedom Project in the nation’s capitol! 


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