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  • The Beagle Freedom Project is a mission to rescue beagles used in animal experimentation in research laboratories and give them a chance at life in a loving forever home.

    Read rescue stories, watch videos, learn more about beagles used in animal testing, and how you can help.
  • Help Build the ROC!

    The ROC will be our temporary sanctuary for animals coming out of labs.

  • Boost the Beagle Bill!

    Help BFP pass the BFB to mandate the freedom of dogs and cats from labs!

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    Help us sustain the freedom momentum by donating monthly all year long.

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Beagle Freedom ProjectRidglan Farms keeps a low profile. Located 10 minutes outside of Mount Horeb on a desolate county road, the farm sits on a gentle hill, hidden by a long row...


Beagle Freedom ProjectEva Brown loves beagles and wants to give them liberty.

The 9-year-old Fort Lewis Elementary School pupil even wrote a letter to the editor of a Roanoke Valley newspaper about...


Beagle Freedom ProjectThe cruel practice of using dogs as test animals is alive and well, and Beagles are one of the most popular breeds.


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