Beagle Freedom Project
  • Step 1 - Eligibility Determination

All Applicants: Please read our Eligibility Guidelines and then fill out the below fields to help us determine if you meet the initial qualifying criteria to submit a full grant request.

  • Step 2 - Application Materials

Eligible researchers will be contacted directly with instructions for full application submission. Complete applications are due no later than October 31, 2016 and will include the following materials:

  • Cover Letter
Contact information
Research project title
Summary paragraph
  • Research Proposal
Background information
Description of non-animal techniques developed
Goals and timeline
  • References and Supporting Information
Literature references for background and techniques
Relevant publications from your own research
Figures as needed
  • Suggested Reviewers
Names of three in-field researchers
One letter of support from a qualified researcher
  • Applicate Deadline Extended
End of Day October 31, 2016