Cruelty CutterCRUELTY-CUTTER is cruelty-free shopping made simple! Cast-away any doubts when purchasing items by using this app to scan an item and have an immediate response about it’s animal-testing status. Cruelty-Cutter has every company in the "Leaping Bunny" and PETA lists and thousands more. It is the most up-to-date and vigilant cruelty-free list on the market.

Cruelty-Cutter is your activist app! Share your results with friends on social media and also share your concern or praise with the company itself. Companies that still choose to test on animals will get the message that Cruelty-Cutter users are against what they are doing! The more shares, the more “Doggie Dollars” you earn towards coupons for cruelty-free items!

Cruelty-Cutter lets you register your concern and help collect data to bring to companies that test on animals to show them that the public is not interested in supporting companies that continue to use animals when it is not needed.

Download the app by clicking the buttons below or learn more at Cruelty-Cutter.Org.


Cruelty Cutter    Cruelty Cutter

To read more about how we determine the status of a company in the Cruelty-Cutter app, click here.


February, 2016 Sponsor

We are extremely excited to have SkynIceland certified vegan and cruelty-free products as our February, 2016 sponsor! For this month, when you reach 100 Doggie Dollars you will receive a coupon for a 15% discount on their amazing products! Check them out!

You can help the cruelty free mission further by selecting cruelty-free products. Learning more about animal-testing is important. In order to challenge this practice and encourage non-violent alternative forms of research we must present ourselves credibly and with authority.

Beagle Freedom Project - Cruelty Free

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