Feline Freedom Project Rescue #1 - Martin

Feline Freedom Project Rescue #1 - MartinBeagle Freedom Project has just successfully rescued a laboratory cat, named Martin. This is a big deal! Although cats are commonly used in many labs, they are almost never allowed to live outside their caged walls.

It is so rare that labs let cats go to homes (after laboratory) life that no other recent example could be found. Cats are typically used in some of the most gruesome and violent neurological-research experiments that they are usually left brain-dead.  

Martin is such a sweet boy and craves human affection. He cannot get enough of the soft gentle petting - probably the first time he has ever experienced it. Martin is hopefully the first of many more cats to come. If Beagle Freedom Project succeeds in passing its 'Research Animal Retirement Bill' - lots more beagles and cats will be able to know this joy!

Please support this important work. Be a BFF (best friend forever) to FFP (Feline Freedom Project)!




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