Fundraiser Sample Language

65,000 dogs still are suffering in testing laboratories. Pledge your next birthday, wedding, graduation, or all-purpose party to help! Feel free to copy and past these any of these samples below into your "Create Your Fundraiser" text area.

Sample Birthday Language:

Birthdays are a celebration of a life and there is no greater way to celebrate this then by giving an opportunity to a dog in need of a second chance at one.

If you are a friend or family member you know how important my own dogs are to me and how deeply I am moved by the plight of animals stuck in research laboratories. This has been the cause I have donated to, bought the t-shirts from, and talked your ear off about. For my 35th birthday I am pledging my party your support to the Beagle Freedom Project.

I am lucky enough to have everything I need in life. I can buy own coffee (no more Starbucks gift cards please!) and really do not need any more “funny” plastic novelty items. If you really want to honor me on my special day – please honor a cause that I hold dear to my heart.

Beagle Freedom Project rescues dogs from laboratories (lab always use beagles because they are so friendly) and gives them a second chance at life. Watch their videos

The greatest tribute to me would be seeing many more freed beagles sniffing about. Make it happen and make me happy!


Sample Wedding Language

We are getting married! Our upcoming nuptials are only a couple months away and many of our invited guests have been asking where we are registered. This was an easy answer for us: Beagle Freedom Project!

No – this is not some boutique store, it is our favorite charity and a cause closest to our hearts. There are 65,000 dogs (almost always beagles because they are so gentle) suffering in laboratories across the US and Beagle Freedom Project rescues them and gives them a second chance at life in family homes. Check out their videos (and I dare you not to cry)

We have all the dinnerware and kitchen utensils we need. To celebrate our love, please celebrate and support what we love. All donations to Beagle Freedom Project are tax-deductible and make this literally life-saving work possible.


Sample Graduation Language

No more classes, no more books…. I am free! Help me celebrate my graduation by helping to support another cause devoted to freedom – the Beagle Freedom Project. This charity means a great deal to me – they rescue animals no longer needed in research laboratories and give them a second chance at life in family homes.

My education has been an opportunity to learn a lot about the world and my place in it. One of the most valuable lessons was in our civic obligations towards one another and those we share the planet with. I am pledging my graduation to this cause because I want my future to help shape a world I am proud to live in. As long as 65,000 dogs (mostly beagles) suffer and die in labs unnecessarily I’ve got work to do.

Watch incredible videos of this life-saving work at and support this charity in honor of my graduation!


Sample All-Purpose Language

65,000 dogs, mostly beagles, are suffering in laboratories all across the U.S. These dogs endure so much for our drugs, household products, cosmetics, and academic curiosities. When the testing is over most are summarily euthanized even if they are healthy and adoptable. As a dog-lover this cuts me to the core and I am determined to help stop it.

Please join me in raising awareness and much needed funds for Beagle Freedom Project. This non-profit organization rescues animals from laboratories and gives them a second chance at life in great family homes (see amazing pictures and videos at They negotiate the release of these animals from very reluctant labs and then tell their stories.

Every dog deserves his or her day. They are not just abstract furry little test-tubes or petri-dishes, but animals no different than the ones we love in our homes. Please make a tax-deductible donation today and I will be profoundly touched by your support!

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