Meet the 'Lucky 9'

_Emotions_of_light_PhotographyPets_Dogs-35.jpgViva Las Vegas!  Beagle Freedom Project hits Sin City with a group of 9 new angels. This is BFP’s first Nevada rescue and with Senator Manendo’s support won’t be the last.

On Monday May the 5th (Cinco de Mayo) BFP rescued 9 beagles from a Nevada area lab and introduced them to a new life, their new families, and freedom in the gorgeous backyard of a Las Vegas supporter. This group of boys are young and in pretty good physical shape, but emotionally they have a long road ahead of them.

From those first cautious steps onto the grass to their full wonderment of space, the freed group instantly packed together and explored their new world. While at ease with each other they are definitely still fearful of human interaction. Unlike other rescued beagles who are love-starved and want all the affection families can give, this group kept its distance from everyone. Four of the guys were constantly looking for a spot to hide in and quickly found bushes, behind trees, a crate and an old wooden pen for their sanctuary.

This is an understandable anxiety built up after years of violence and trauma. With patience, tenderness, affection, and plenty of delicious treats they will learn to trust again.

The beagles have been named in honor of Vegas greats like the Rat Pack – Frankie, Dean, Sammy, and Joey, as well as performance legends like Wayne, Barry, Peter, and Tommy! (You know who we are talking about!).

Some of them are real characters too. A few were instantly charmed with food and Mr. Sammy (Davis Jr) was inquisitive enough to sneak under the pool fence so he could take a quick dip in the pool. Who can blame him – it was his first time outside in the Nevada sun!

The Las Vegas media was on hand to document these first few monumental moments and help us tell the stories of laboratory survivors. Channel 8 broadcasted a story and the Review Journal ran a story and online video.

Quoted is our friend Senator Mark Manendo who will be introducing the Beagle Freedom Bill into the Nevada State Legislature for the 2015 session. Supporting his effort could mean more incredible releases just this Lucky 9!




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