We Owe Them

It is that simple. Whether you work in a lab testing on these poor pups or have dedicated yourself to a cruelty-free lifestyle we can all agree we owe those dogs in laboratories better than a lonely death. Those beagles that endure so much and suffer for the sake of human products and corporate profits deserve a chance at comfort and affection. They have more than earned this and we are obligated to do right by them.

Beagle Freedom Project has sent a letter to every laboratory in the United States that uses dogs in testing and proposed that they participate in our retirement, rehabilitation, and re-homing campaign. In this letter we offer to do everything for these dogs so as long as the laboratory release them at the end of their experiments. Beagle Freedom Project will provide legal contracting, transportation, top-notch medical care, rehabilitative services, temporary foster homes, and permanent adoptive families. We will pay for everything and we will bend over backwards whether it be for 1 dog or all 70,000.

It is no secret that Beagle Freedom Project is principally opposed to the use of animals in testing, but this organization’s very existence is premised on finding the common ground with those in the animal research industry we disagree with – and that common ground is the shared obligation to these dogs. If these labs state that the welfare of the beagles is of top priority than that treatment must extend beyond giving them cookies in between tests and include the chance at a life outside their steel cages and concrete prisons.

This is not a controversial proposal. Please join Beagle Freedom Project and sign your name to the letter that went to every lab in your area. The more names and members of the community the stronger the influence we will have with these companies and schools. It is that simple.

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