Year End Giving

$1,000.00 Names not Numbers

$500.00 Here Comes the Sun

$250.00 Be Their Light

$100.00 ROC n Rescue

$50.00 Politics are Dirty Business

The perfect gift this holiday season is a generous contribution to support animals in dire need. With these dedicated donation packages you can both benefit the beagles and have something fun to give. Options available at many price levels!

Dedicated Donation Cards

These are simple $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000 dedicated donation cards to give without any accompanying gifts.

Want to make a simple dedicated donation? These cards are your answer. Beautiful and powerful photos of freed laboratory beagles adorn each card in amounts of $50, $100, $250, $500, and $1000 !

ROC n Rescue

For a $100 contribution to the Rescue and Outreach Center the donor will get a special ROC letter that has a fun dog-house cut-out on the back and a slip of seeded flower paper to plant.

Make a dedicated donation to the BFP “dog house”! The ROC (Rescue and Outreach Center) has been purchased and is in its final design phase. With your donation you will be helping to plant a seed from which freedom will flower for so many more. The package contains a cute cover letter, a fun cutout doghouse for the kids, and wildflower seed paper. A perfect gift for those who support saving animals in need!

Be Their Light

For a $250 donation the donor will receive a special dedication card denoting the $250 donation, a BFP candle, and a BFP LED light for dog collars.

Make this dedicated donation to shine a light on animal-testing and our important rescue work. This is a great gift for those who are truly a beacon of light in the darkness for animals in need. The package contains a special dedicated card denoting the $250 contribution, a special BFP candle, and a helpful little blue LED light that attaches to dog collars for the nighttime walks!

Here Comes the Sun

For a $500 donation the donor will receive a special dedicated card denoting the $500 donation, a custom BFP beach towel, BFP sunscreen, and the BFP poo-bag dispenser with “animal-testing stinks” bags.

Life is a day at the beach when you’re with a dog. This dedicated donation is the perfect gift for that person that goes everywhere outdoors with their best friend. The donation package includes a special card denoting the generous $500 contribution, a custom BFP beach towel, cruelty-free sunscreen, and a fun and handy BFP dog poo bag dispenser with bags that read "Animal-Testing Stinks!"

Names not Numbers

For a $1000 the donor will receive a special dedicated card, the naming rights to a dog rescued in 2016, a framed photo of that beagle in 2016, a special metallic certificate, and a Names not Numbers T-shirt.

A literally life-changing donation gift. For that person that has it all give them this most generous dedicated gift by sponsoring a rescued research beagle in their honor, giving them the opportunity to name the dog and get a special picture at some point in 2016. The dedicated donation package includes a special card denoting the $1000 contribution, a metallic certificate of appreciation, a ‘Names not Numbers’ t-shirt, and follow-up with the BFP team to tell them about the sponsored dog.

Politics are Dirty Business

This is a postcard and hand sanitizer.

For a $50 contribution a donor will receive a special BFP political postcard that explains the BFP legislative agenda with a BFP hand sanitizer attached to it that reads ‘Politics are a Dirty Business – Keep your Hands Clean!’ All proceeds will go into the special BFP legislative fund.